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A wiki covering King Richard III of England and the world in which he lived - roughly the period 1450 to 1500 AD. This can also be seen as the transition period between 'the medieval period' and 'the Renaissance' in Europe.

So long as the topic belongs within, or relates to, the time period of the wiki, some coverage is welcome. Links to other websites and wikis are also welcome - including those concerned with the later Middle Ages and early Renaissance in general.

Richard III is one of the more controversial - or at least most discussed - figures in medieval English history, and the Battle of Bosworth, in which he was killed, is often used as a convenient transition point for the end of the Middle Ages in England.

This wiki aims to cover primarily the people, places and things Richard knew or would have known or heard about, and the events of his lifetime. Articles covering the wider world in the period in which he lived are also welcome. While emphasis is likely to remain on the European region, persons and events in the rest of the world can be covered (and, if known and/or practical, the lines of communication with Europe).

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