Ludlow Castle is a partly ruined uninhabited medieval building in the town of Ludlow in the English county of Shropshire (Wikipedia page [1]). It stands on a high point overlooking the River Teme and in the Middle Ages it was an important strategic stronghold for control of the Welsh Borders, and at times the seat of English government in Wales.

In the 15th century under the ownership of Richard, Duke of York, the castle was a major base in the Wars of the Roses and was taken by the Lancastrians in 1459 but back in York hands in 1461. Ludlow afterwards became a royal palace. In 1472 Edward IV sent his son the Prince of Wales and his brother (later the ‘Princes in the Tower’ of William Shakespeare fame), to live at the castle, which was also the seat of Council of the Marches - the Government for Wales and the Border Counties.

More information on the Wikipedia page [2].

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