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Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier, OM (pron.: /ˈlɒrəns ɵˈlɪvi.eɪ/; 22 May 1907 – 11 July 1989) was an English actor, director, and producer. One of the most famous and revered actors of the 20th century, he was the youngest actor to be knighted as a Knight Bachelor and the first to be elevated to the peerage.

Starred in the Richard III (1955 film)

Olivier's third major Shakespeare project as director and star was Richard III. Alexander Korda initially approached Olivier to reprise on film the role he had played to acclaim at the Old Vic in the 1940s. Although the film initially received mixed reception, its critical reptutation has since increased, and many critics now consider it his most inspirational (and arguably best) screen adaptation of Shakespeare. During the filming of the battle scenes in Spain, one of the archers accidentally shot Olivier in the ankle, causing him to limp. Fortunately, the limp was required for the part, so Olivier had already been limping in the parts of the film already shot.

Olivier would be nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for the fifth time. Korda sold the rights to the American television network NBC, and the film became the first to be aired on television and released in theatres simultaneously.Many deduce that from the enormous ratings that the NBC transmissions received, more people saw Richard III in that single showing than all the people who had seen it on stage in the play's history

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