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James Stewart, Duke of Ross (March 1476 – January 1504) was the son of King James III of Scotland and Margaret of Denmark.

James III tried to marry him to Edward IV's daughter, Catherine of York. This increasing preference shown to James of Ross was a factor in the rebellion of his elder brother (the future James IV) against their father; and later, as king, James IV was suspicious of his brother's loyalty.

Nonetheless, when the elder James succeeded to the crown in 1488, he raised James of Ross's title to Duke of Ross.

Around May 1497, his brother the King nominated James of Ross (then twenty years old) to be Archbishop of St Andrews. King James thought that would keep James of Ross from rebelling against him. Also, as James of Ross was a minor, the revenues of the archbishopric would be controlled by King James.

James of Ross also became Lord Chancellor of Scotland.

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