Greyfriars, Leicester, was a Franciscan monastic community, established on the west side of Leicester from about 1255, and demolished at its Dissolution of the Monasteries in the late 1530s. The locality has retained the name Greyfriars particularly in the streets named "Grey Friars", and the older "Friar Lane". Although a small monastery, its church acquired national significance when Richard III was buried there following his death at Bosworth Field. With the destruction of the church, the site was levelled, subdivided, and developed over the following centuries. A 2012 archaeological dig attempted to identify the site of the Greyfriars church and the location of Richard's burial. On 4 February 2013 it was confirmed that these objectives had been achieved, and the remains of Richard's body had been uncovered. (University of Leicester investigation into the burial of Richard III accessed 4 February 2013)

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A sealed coffin was found nearby - more information on the Guardian website [2]