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Elizabeth de Mowbray, Duchess of Norfolk (née Talbot) (c. December 1442/January 1443 – 6 November 1506/10 May 1507) was the one of two surviving daughters of John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife Lady Margaret Beauchamp.

She was married to John de Mowbray. He succeeded his father as Duke of Norfolk in 1461, effectively making her the Duchess of Norfolk by marriage. They had only one surviving daughter, who would go on to inherit the Warwick estates.

Anne de Mowbray, 8th Countess of Norfolk (10 December 1472 – 1481), married Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York, a son of Edward IV of England and one of the Princes in the Tower. Anne died at the age of 8.

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