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Charles IV, Duke of Anjou, also Charles of Maine, Count of Le Maine and Guise (1446–10 December 1481) was the son of the Angevin prince Charles of Le Maine, Count of Maine, who was the youngest son of Louis II of Anjou and Yolande of Aragon, Queen of Four Kingdoms.

He succeeded his father as Count of Maine, Guise, Mortain and Gien in 1472. He succeeded his uncle René I of Naples in 1480 as 5th Duke of Anjou and Count of Provence, according to the will of René who had no surviving son. René's surviving daughter Yolande received Bar and was already Duchess of Lorraine.

He willed his inheritance to his cousin Louis XI of France, whose heirs thus obtained a claim to the affairs of Italy, pursued in the next decades.

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