The Bishop of Meath is an episcopal title which takes its name after the ancient Kingdom of Meath. In the Roman Catholic Church it remains as a separate title, but in the Church of Ireland it has been united with another bishopric.

Bishops during this period:

  • 1450-59 Edmund Oldhall, O.Carm. Appointed on 7 August 1450. Died in office on 9 (or 29) August 1459.
  • 1460-82 William Sherwood Appointed on 26 March 1460. Died in office on 3 December 1482.
  • 1483-1507 John Payne, O.P. Appointed on 17 March 1483, received possession of the temporalities on 16 July 1483, and consecrated before 4 August 1483. Died in office on 6 May 1507.

More information, and a full list of bishops, on the Wikipedia page [1]

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